Oh So PINterful Mondays!

I thought it a great idea to have a FEATURE day of pins I’ve come across that seem “oh so pinterful” (do you like those play on words?!?) LOL

So today, I know a Monday of all days, I’m starting it off with Pins that Pop!

Hopefully while you sip on your fresh cup of Java ‘Oh So PINterful Mondays’ will begin to be something you look forward to for that little boost of inspiration, creativity or maybe just a good laugh!

Be sure to click each feature photo for a link to the site!

So let’s kick it off with one of those SomeeCards that we’ve all grown to love AND look forward to…

Featured this week:

Crate Coffee Table

I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with this coffee table! Apparently many others have too because I have seen this one repinned many times! Below is a photo to the site where you can purchase the table made to order or you can retrieve inspiration and come up with a similar design all your own. Whatever the case, they did a fantastic job!

So I am somewhat of an aspiring seamstress! (at least I THINK I am) I dream of the days I can pull a “Maria”  from the Sound of Music and take the curtains off the window and whip up a few dresses/outfits for the kiddos before we go roaming about the country side :) Until then, I will continue admiring the dresses I see on Pinterest at least once a day. This particular one really caught my eye. I loved the fabric combination and the photos as well as the descriptions given. I think it would be a GREAT place to start in creating one of these cute outfits for your Little Miss!

The next pin is by a lady whom I have grown to LOVE! She has some really great things throughout her site. I went through this list and made some much needed adjustments to things so I could take better advantage of when those particular items went on sale at my local grocer. Needless to say, our freezer got full quite fast and we’ve already noticed a decrease in the grocery budget! I would encourage you to take the time to browse her site and get familiar with some of her other really great tips…but definitely start here!

What child have you encountered that does not like a good ‘ole pizza? I’ve got three and I have yet to be turned down when offering this scrumptious option for dinner. Again, I have seen this particular style of pizza making repinned several times so I can tell it has become quite popular. This gal gives a great tutorial of her version of this food pin. I can’t wait to try it out myself!

I don’t know if it is because of my love of mason jars or what but I am head over heels for the gifts in a jar we are seeing everywhere on Pinterest! This season it seems as though more and more folks are going down the handmade gift route. Okay, Okay I’m definitely the conductor of that train in our family! :) I personally LOVE the handmade gifts. I enjoy the process of taking the time to think of something someone would enjoy and then creating it with my own hands. I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it! Jamielyn has featured a guest post of a great Jar Gift idea and it is a gift that will be going out from our family to some others this year. I hope you are able to either use this idea for yourself or find someone with whom you can bless with it!

(Don’t forget the FREE printables that go along with this one!)

I really hope you have enjoyed our very first Oh So PINterful Monday. I hope to continue sharing with you some of the Pins that have really caught my eye in hopes that you too would be able to enjoy it or share it with others. Make sure with each Pin featured you are sure to give some love to those who created it and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work as well as their willingness to share it with others!

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to keep up with my boards and take delight in ALL the other pins that I absolutely LOVE but don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish!

Happy Pinning!

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